Simple and still Saturday

A selection from some of the other trees this season…

Birch and Beech

Willow and oak

Frost in the morning

Fireplace smoke

Fir trees and pines

With a bright shiny star

Loved ones remembered

Both near and afar

Forests are quiet

With gentle white snow

Roots hold us to earth

Branches free to let go

Peace, love and joy

And a season of mirth

Candles of hope

That will light up the earth.

Simple and still Saturday


It’s all good baby, baby

The good

Many years ago my sister/friend gave me her step-mother’s recipe for granola.

It makes the whole house smell so wonderful and it tastes absolutely delicious!

The fun

On Christmas Day we happened upon a family playing hockey on a neighborhood pond as we drove home from my daughter’s house.

The random

Breakfast of champions….buttered panettone bread and a cup of coffee in my current favourite cup.

The good, the random, the fun


9 September

The fun

My daughter and son-in-law went to see Willie Nelson on Friday night and I got to have a sleep over with Abigail! It was so wonderful to really get a chance to know her!

The good

I spent Saturday helping them move into their new house! They had a group of friends over to help get the place ready for occupancy and I stayed all day cleaning floors and watching over the children.

The random

This is one of the new windows in my mum’s apartment downstairs. Our new windows are going in today! I can’t wait to see how it all looks when I get home from work today. They will have to come back to do some indoor carpentry work which will be a real pain in the neck but it will be so nice when they are all done!

The good, the random, the fun


Family Friday

I’ve been seeing signs of Autumn…My favourite season.

I started a new job at a Montessori school a few towns over and I am loving it! I was working in the city and now I’m out in the country and we have a beautiful butterfly bush right by the door.

I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren in a bit but my daughter texted me these pictures from when they were at the beach the other days.

On my way home from work I stopped at our favourite bakery and picked up a loaf of delicious bread. I’ve been having jammy toast for breakfast every morning!

I found some pink lady apples at the market the other day! They haven’t had any in a month or so and they are my favourite kind!

Friday fave five


26 August

the fun

My last day at work was Friday and my co-teacher gave me this wine glass as a present. My hours there were 7:00-3:30.

The good

I can’t remember what the name of these pretty yellow flowers is but they grow along the neighbor’s driveway and are so cheery.

The random

Signs of things to come…I love Autumn…very often they are fighting words in New England. Autumn brings the dreaded winter and so many people don’t like it.

I love autumn though. It’s the prettiest season of the year here in New England.

The good, the random, the fun


So the light in the bedroom is on a dimmer. It’s new but hasn’t been working properly. It doesn’t get bright- it’s only dim or dark. I thought I’d check the bulb before calling the property manager. Ummmm….I’ve never seen anything like that before. Perhaps I’m getting old but it seems like it would be easier to just use a normal old lightbulb. She has to have the electrician come out to take a look at it.

Little things Thursday