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The Conservatory

We have a small room just off of the kitchen. The left half holds a very old table which I use as a desk, a pair of bedroom chairs, and Joe’s guitars. I have put a pair of drumsticks and a Kalimba (thumb piano) on the table between the chairs along with a tiny jar of picks. There are also quite a few plants in the room which take advantage of the two sunny windows.

On the right side of the room is the washer and dryer, another window, and a good sized closet. We live in a small apartment in a very old house in New England so a good sized closet is a sweet thing to have.

In a rather tongue-in-cheek way we refer to the room as the conservatory because it is a garden/music room…along with my office and the laundry room.

We moved here in July and as you can see I am still putting the finishing touches on things. I have two more things to hang on the wall…both artwork that my daughters made when they were in grade school. They are 31 and 27 now. It’s not exactly “Magnolia’ around here…maybe not instagram ready…but it is home and Tucker, our cat, seems to like it.

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Modest Monday

A wise woman builds her home

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Purple day

The good

I found this sweet little pot and since my sister’s name is Holly and we are filled with hope for her diagnosis I planted a baby holly bush and it sits on the kitchen table.

The fun

Joe and I woke early on Sunday morning and went to the Driftwood for breakfast. It’s been in business for over 75 years and it looks like you’re on the set of Jaws in 1975. We had to walk up the long way so we could stop at the ATM because they only take cash. They have the worst coffee and the best breakfast and if you get there early enough the line isn’t down the street!

On weekends they have fried dough and if you’re really lucky they have eggs Benedict…we were!

The random

Tucker would like you to know that he has thoroughly tested the old chair and though it may be a bit well loved in places it is quite comfortable.

The good, the random, the fun

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Green Day

The evenings are getting earlier now. It truly feels like Autumn. We turn on the fire when we get home from work and even the cat settles in.

I went to the nursery in town over the weekend looking for some mums for the windowbox. They were completely sold out and they told me that everyone else in town was sold out as well! So I picked up some winterberry plants, some holly, and a few small white pumpkins. Just around the corner there was a lichen covered branch that had been blown down in a storm so I grabbed that and stuck some of it into the back and added lights. It looks so pretty.

I began to put our little kitchen herb garden to bed on Sunday. The Rosemary which got huge over the summer is now in a pot at the top of the back stairs and some of the parsley is potted on the kitchen table. The day started out cold but by afternoon it was a beautiful fall day.

Our cat, Tucker, has been all filled with love for me lately. When he was a kitten he always cuddled with me and then he switched over to cuddling with Joe. Now he is back to curling up with me while I read on the loveseat. He even puts his sweet little paw over my leg so I won’t go anywhere. Last night he met me at the door and I pet him right away. I walked away to go into the kitchen and he ran up behind me and patted my ankle as if to say, “wait, I’m not done with you petting me yet!”

This is a little grove of trees on the campus of the Montessori school where I work. Maria Montessori believed that children need to have access to the beautiful and natural outdoor world in order to grow and develop best. I couldn’t agree more.

Friday fave fives

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Gathering the kitchen garden

The good

Pork roast with fresh herbs from the garden

The fun

I sure do love this cat, Tucker. I was curled up on the couch reading on Thursday afternoon and he came curling up around my leg and held down my ankle with his paw, lest I should try to escape and ruin all the cozy warmth. The school where I work was cancelled because a storm in the night caused a widespread power outage.

The random

Sunday afternoon turned warm and rather sunny. I potted the Rosemary and brought it indoors to overwinter and I potted some of the parsley and gave it a sunny spot on the kitchen table.

The good, the random, the fun

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It wasn’t until early afternoon that the bed got made at our house on Saturday.

A soft, slow fog settled over the harbour in the night and didn’t truly clear away till sometime on Sunday.

The temps were a bit cooler than they have been but the humidity was high and it seemed like the perfect weekend for lazing about.

Honestly, we haven’t had much time for that since moving and it felt sweet to have no place to rush off to.

Gentle my home and gentle my spirit

Gift to me a pleasant and a simple day

Teach me to be mindful of a jar of sand dollars

And the sun casting shadows across the windowsill.

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