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Oh happy day

The good

My brother and sister-in-law came over on Sunday evening to celebrate her birthday next week. We have some food constraints in the family I did some creative cooking and everything turned out delicious.

The random

We had a sunny, sixty degree day here on Saturday! I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy enjoying it in real time…so here’s a picture of a sunny, yellow tulip on my kitchen table.

The fun

We went to see my step-son’s basketball game on Saturday. Even though they lost it was fun to see him play. There’s always going to be someone taller…lesson of the day.

The good, the random, the fun

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Farewell little Christmas tree

Lay them carefully away,

Trimmings from our tree so gay,

Rainbow-light and frosted ball,

Silver star high over all,

Santa Claus and candy cane,

Reindeer in a jaunty train,

Dolly with a piquant face,

Red and green and tinsel lace,

Lay them carefully away,

For another happy day!

For another day next year

With the children gathered here!

Yellow-hair and curly-lash,

Dark-haired girl with crimson sash,

Brother growing tall and wise,

Happy wonder in his eyes.

Hearth-fire, will you shine as bright

As you did the Christmas night?

Can ensuing days be spent

Harboring this deep content?

Farewell, little Christmas tree,

You have made a memory!

This poem was written by my great-aunt Very Keevers Smith and published in a book of poetry she titled Poems of a Busy Mother. It was published in 1959.

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Home and garden Thursday

Our home away from home

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Watching for Santa

My step-sons are teenagers now (!) and they are not here as often because they have busier schedules. Sometimes their bedroom turns into a guest room and when we are very lucky it turns into my grandson, Verne’s bedroom.

Whatever the occasion, it’s nice to get it all dressed up for the season!

It looked almost magical last week with snow falling all over the cedar boughs and a tiny white Christmas tree all lit up.

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Home and garden Thursday

Our home away from home

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Star of wonder

The good

Just around the corner from our home is the harbour and the boat yard. At Christmas time they hang a giant star from the crane and it shines down over Marblehead. I took this picture through a window in my house just at sunrise, so it’s not the greatest quality. The star represents Christianity, Judaism, and the lights that sailors use for guidance and navigation. To me it also symbolizes the hope that one day we will all live together in peace and love, and the joy that even if it’s just in a very small town, for a very short season, we light it up for all to see.

The fun

Down at the harbour even the lobster boats sport red and green buoys!The random

The random

Every year during the Christmas walk, the Glover regiment out of Marblehead (re-enactors) read a proclamation declaring how the sailors and soldiers of Marblehead helped General Washington to take his historic ride up the Potomac river. They fire their muskets three times and then they row across the harbour in tribute to the men of Marblehead who fought in the Revolutionary War.

May God bless and keep you always,

may your wishes all come true,

May you always do for others

And may others do for you.

May you build a ladder to the stars

And climb on every rung…

And may you stay, forever young.

Bob Dylan

The good, the random, the fun

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Staying home

Though it’s only just November and not yet quite Thanksgiving, I have illuminated each of the windows in our flat with electric Christmas candles and one of our bedroom windows is bedecked with a felt, leaf and berry wreath. I spruced up the bed with a folkish and colourful pine tree quilt and a throw pillow for the Prince of Peace. Tucker, our cat, is resting comfortably on the freshly made bed. It’s one of his favourite cat-napping spots.

I was searching for a white poinsettia at the plant nursery and saw this bright pink variety instead. I’ve seen artificial poinsettias in all kinds of colours but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a real one in such a beautiful pink. It’s perfect for my bedside table.

I will wait till Thanksgiving weekend to grace the rest of our home for Christmas. It is my tradition to hang the greens on Black Friday. I prefer to avoid the department stores and malls at this time of year and instead concentrate on centering our home on the peace and joy that the season brings.

Please feel free to use my Mr. Linky meme to add a link to your blog. Your post can have anything to do with staying home. Perhaps you are a stay at home mum or perhaps you work full time, as I do. Your children might be sweet little toddlers, teenagers, or they may be full grown adults with children of their own as mine are. Maybe your house is big and beautiful and perfectly decorated or maybe it’s a tiny apartment like mine. Let’s stop the glorification of busy and take a moment to celebrate what contentment there is in staying home.

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The turkey in us all

The good

I picked up this pretty little pink poinsettia at the plant nursery last weekend.

I love this time of year….this whole holiday season.

The fun

This is from a Thanksgiving 7 or 8 years ago at my mum’s house. She likes to get a picture of all the grandchildren around the turkey. It’s been a long time now since all of them have been together like this. One year only my daughter, Hannah was there. This year my sister’s children can’t make it and only my daughters will be there…and my grandchildren will add delight to the picture as well. This tradition started when I was a little girl and we had all of my 11 cousins together for a picture. We hated doing it back then but love to see the pictures today.

The random

I suppose he isn’t all that random at this time of year.

Still though….turkeys are such strange birds…so random looking.

The wild turkey and the black capped chickadee share the honor of the state bird in Massachusetts. This may explain, perhaps, why the people of Massachusetts are considered to have such a sarcastic and “teasing” sense of humour. There is, after all, a little turkey in us all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The good, the random, the fun

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The Conservatory

We have a small room just off of the kitchen. The left half holds a very old table which I use as a desk, a pair of bedroom chairs, and Joe’s guitars. I have put a pair of drumsticks and a Kalimba (thumb piano) on the table between the chairs along with a tiny jar of picks. There are also quite a few plants in the room which take advantage of the two sunny windows.

On the right side of the room is the washer and dryer, another window, and a good sized closet. We live in a small apartment in a very old house in New England so a good sized closet is a sweet thing to have.

In a rather tongue-in-cheek way we refer to the room as the conservatory because it is a garden/music room…along with my office and the laundry room.

We moved here in July and as you can see I am still putting the finishing touches on things. I have two more things to hang on the wall…both artwork that my daughters made when they were in grade school. They are 31 and 27 now. It’s not exactly “Magnolia’ around here…maybe not instagram ready…but it is home and Tucker, our cat, seems to like it.

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Simple moments of grace

Friday evening there was to be stuffed acorn squash…I put the squash in a baking pan with a little water and sat down to wait for it…The low light of an early November evening called to me however…So I ended up adding some sweet sausage to the pan and we had a simple and delicious dinner. I had forgotten how delicious acorn squash is as it stands alone without all the brown sugar, cinnamon and whatever else ends up in it.

Saturday afternoon I lunched upon the leftovers with a cup of tea.

We have but one window in the living room of our wee cozy apartment and the windowed back door just opposite it. Through that window shines the most beautiful light~ morning, afternoon, and evening. I’m forever pausing as I pass by because it looks so pretty.

I think it is the simple things that make a house a home. It’s not always granite countertops or whatever the shabby chic/farmhouse/coastal living trend of the day is. Sometimes it’s just a ray of light shining on the eucalyptus.

Monday: veggie soup, fresh bread, salad

Tuesday: zucchini tacos

Wednesday: one pot fettuccini, mushroom and artichokes

Thursday: crockpot Salisbury steak, green beans, egg noodles

Friday: Autumn harvest salad with pomegranate, roast pork

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