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Wolf moon

Sunday my daughter, Hannah, and I went to Boston symphony hall to see A New Year’s salute to Vienna. It was absolutely wonderful. I hadn’t been to Symphony Hall in about 6 or 7 years and I forgot how much I love it.

Tuesday was my daughter, Bonnie’s birthday. I went up to see her last week. I brought things to make dinner and a cake and she went out to do some shopping while I watched the children and made dinner. I’m not sure who got the better end of that deal.

Two nights in a row my husband got home before I did and made dinner for us! We had fish one night and chicken the next! What a treat to come home to a set table and a delicious aroma.

I’ve been trying to fit a walk into my daily schedule. It’s difficult because it’s so dark and cold. I did get out a few mornings this week before work and the harbour is beautiful…even if it is really chilly!

Joe and I often go out for a date night on Fridays. We don’t go far..we walk around the corner to the Barnacle restaurant and get some fish and stare at the harbour. We decided to go last night as we will be busy tonight and as we came down the part of the narrow lane that opens up to the harbour there was a big round full moon shining down and reflecting off of the water. It was so pretty. I wish I had taken a photo but it was about 20 degrees and I was too cold to stop walking!

Friday fave fives

beloved · January brings the snow · Orange day · Winter

The Bons

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter, Bonnie, who turned 29 on Tuesday.

When she was a little girl she had more nicknames than we knew what to do with. Bons, Bonzai, Bugs Bonnie, Easter Bonnie, Bonbons….When she opened the birthday card from her grandmother she wondered out loud, “hmmm…what name did she address my card to?” Nowadays though she’s mostly called Mama.

Little things Thursday

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Winter is coming

I gave my mother this little sign for her birthday. She really doesn’t like winter.

I like to say that winter and I have come to an understanding.

One year I bought myself some snowshoes and it was so much fun! So, I forgave winter for being so cold and bought myself some good winter clothing.

Some people dislike winter so much that they don’t even like Autumn because “they know what’s coming.” But…it’s cold for 5 or 6 months here in New England. That’s about half of the year. Which means that you are unhappy for half of your life over the weather…which you have no control over.

Move….or find a way to get along with it. What a waste.

Little things Thursday

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Watching for Santa

My step-sons are teenagers now (!) and they are not here as often because they have busier schedules. Sometimes their bedroom turns into a guest room and when we are very lucky it turns into my grandson, Verne’s bedroom.

Whatever the occasion, it’s nice to get it all dressed up for the season!

It looked almost magical last week with snow falling all over the cedar boughs and a tiny white Christmas tree all lit up.

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday

Our home away from home

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Early morning sunlight at the kitchen window

Once I read an article about a 101 year old woman whose nephew was writing her memoirs. He said that after listening to her for a while he asked, “didn’t anything bad every happen to you?” She responded almost immediately, “If it did,” she said, “I forgot about it.”

I’m often reminded of that woman’s words at this time of year. They make me pause in my mad pie making activities…I am thankful that I am allowed to make the choice of which things I choose to carry with me and which ones I choose to forget about.

A happy Thanksgiving to all.

Little things Thursday

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Staying home

Though it’s only just November and not yet quite Thanksgiving, I have illuminated each of the windows in our flat with electric Christmas candles and one of our bedroom windows is bedecked with a felt, leaf and berry wreath. I spruced up the bed with a folkish and colourful pine tree quilt and a throw pillow for the Prince of Peace. Tucker, our cat, is resting comfortably on the freshly made bed. It’s one of his favourite cat-napping spots.

I was searching for a white poinsettia at the plant nursery and saw this bright pink variety instead. I’ve seen artificial poinsettias in all kinds of colours but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a real one in such a beautiful pink. It’s perfect for my bedside table.

I will wait till Thanksgiving weekend to grace the rest of our home for Christmas. It is my tradition to hang the greens on Black Friday. I prefer to avoid the department stores and malls at this time of year and instead concentrate on centering our home on the peace and joy that the season brings.

Please feel free to use my Mr. Linky meme to add a link to your blog. Your post can have anything to do with staying home. Perhaps you are a stay at home mum or perhaps you work full time, as I do. Your children might be sweet little toddlers, teenagers, or they may be full grown adults with children of their own as mine are. Maybe your house is big and beautiful and perfectly decorated or maybe it’s a tiny apartment like mine. Let’s stop the glorification of busy and take a moment to celebrate what contentment there is in staying home.

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday

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Sadie and Noel take a nap

At one point this dog, Sadie was my sister’s. When she moved Sadie went to live with my brother and his fiancĂ©. It was supposed to be a temporary move but my sister’s cancer returned for the second time and Sadie ended up staying with my brother. Over the weekend Sadie and my niece, Noel, were reunited. My sister’s cancer has returned for the third time now and she has been staying at my mum’s while she goes through radiation treatments in Boston. So, Noel came to visit over the weekend and Larry stopped by with Sadie.

It was sweet to see them taking a little nap together on the sofa.

Little things Thursday