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Winter is coming

I gave my mother this little sign for her birthday. She really doesn’t like winter.

I like to say that winter and I have come to an understanding.

One year I bought myself some snowshoes and it was so much fun! So, I forgave winter for being so cold and bought myself some good winter clothing.

Some people dislike winter so much that they don’t even like Autumn because “they know what’s coming.” But…it’s cold for 5 or 6 months here in New England. That’s about half of the year. Which means that you are unhappy for half of your life over the weather…which you have no control over.

Move….or find a way to get along with it. What a waste.

Little things Thursday

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Watching for Santa

My step-sons are teenagers now (!) and they are not here as often because they have busier schedules. Sometimes their bedroom turns into a guest room and when we are very lucky it turns into my grandson, Verne’s bedroom.

Whatever the occasion, it’s nice to get it all dressed up for the season!

It looked almost magical last week with snow falling all over the cedar boughs and a tiny white Christmas tree all lit up.

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday

Our home away from home

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Green Day Friday

I didn’t get a chance to put any of my Thanksgiving photos up last week so I thought I would include a few this week.

I’m not usually a fan of posed photos but this was so darn cute I couldn’t resist.

The first thing we did was pose around the turkey. My older daughter, Hannah, hadn’t arrived yet so she wasn’t in the picture. My mum and I in the back, Verne, Abigail, and my daughter, Bonnie, in the front.

Verne had a sleep-over with us on Saturday night. The neighbors were having a tree taken down and we watched from the safety of our second story window. Verne knew the name of all the different trucks and equipment that they used!

Verne helped us decorate the tree late afternoon on Saturday. I had all the unbreakable ornaments in a basket and he hung them all up on the same low hanging branch! So Cute!

We got our first taste of real snow and a snow day for me! Joe walked around the corner to the bus stop but the bus never came. He has plenty of personal days at work so he called out and walked back home. I turned on the Christmas tree lights and the fireplace so it was all nice and cozy for him when he got here.

Because we live in old town the streets are very narrow. We think that because of the snow storm there wasn’t enough room for the bus to navigate.

It was a special treat for us both to have a paid day off!

Friday fave fives

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The season of Advent

O Tannenbaum

I like to have a day or two with nothing but lights on the Christmas tree. It’so quiet and calm. Seeing the simplicity of only lights on the tree seems a peaceful and prayerful way for me to center the love of Christ in my heart for the coming season.

This year I have decided to take a prayer walk down the street to the harbour each day of Advent and concentrate my steps and my prayers on how I can serve- asking the Lord to open my heart and help me to discern what the people I love need.

My grandson, Verne, will be here later this morning to help with the tree decorating.

Our hearts are equally excited to be able to share this time with one another.

Home and garden Thursday

Make it pretty Monday

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Family Friday

I’ve been quite ill this week. I was at the doctors on Monday and havn’t been to work at all. I’ve been pushing antibiotics, cough syrup, and advil two or three times a day and napping quite often. I think I may have even given the cat a run for his money. I am feeling much better now though. I seem to have broken through it all on Thanksgiving morning.

I popped out on Wednesday to pick up a few last minute items for Thanksgiving and noticed that these pillows were arranged with my initials…almost as if they knew I was coming.

I spent most of Wednesday making the pies. We had an upstairs/downstairs Thanksgiving this year. My mum is in the apartment on the first floor and she did the dinner. We are in the apartment on the second floor and we did appetizers and desserts.

My sister gave me a clock that plays Christmas songs on the hour. Everyone knows how much I love Christmas. It doesn’t play when the room is dark which gives my husband some relief. He is not quite the Christmas aficionado as I am.

Every year we gather the grandchildren together around the Thanksgiving turkey and take a picture. Now that they are adults it’s rare that they are all able to make it. This year it was my two daughters, my son-in-law, and my grandchildren. My sister’s grown children were elsewhere for Thanksgiving. It’s wonderful to be able to look back on all of those photographs! We even have some with me and my cousins from when I was a little girl!

Remember, thankful is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Friday fave fives