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Romance can blossom any old time

Love knows no season, love knows no climb,

Romance can blossom any old time,

Here in the open, we’re walking and hoping,


Sleigh bells ring are you listening?

In the lane snow is glistening,

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,

Walking in a winter wonderland…

Wednesday evening Joe took the train in from the city and met me after work. We walked through downtown Beverly and did some shopping at a few little shops and then we went to the Depot restaurant which is right on the train tracks. We sat at a little table next to the huge fireplace. The mantle was decorated for Christmas with colour full trees and little lights, old fashioned Christmas music was playing, and every so often we heard the train bells ringing and watched it go down the tracks in the snow. It was so romantic!

Saturday evening we celebrated my mum’s 85th birthday. We had planned to take her out to eat but it was terribly rainy and windy out and she said she would rather stay in. So, we ordered take-away and I popped out to buy a cake.

Our house is finished being renovated! The final touch is a plaque they added stating the year the house was built and who it was built for. I did look him up on Google and he led quite an interesting life. Living here in old town Marblehead is like living in the midst of history.

Sunday was Abigail’s (my granddaughter) first birthday party! I think she was watching her older brother sing Happy birthday to her when I took this photo. While she loved all the singing and partying the cake wasn’t her thing. She stayed as clean as a little lady because she didn’t eat any cake at all.

Her older brother, however, in his Little sister protection squad t-shirt, ate all of the cookie Santa Clause’s off the top of the cake.

A little snow fell on Tuesday. It was just enough to dust everything with white and look pretty.

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Abigail Rose

One year ago today my beautiful granddaughter, Abigail Rose, was born. She celebrated on Sunday with all of her closest family and friends.

She was born with a cleft lip/cleft palate and has undergone two major surgeries since her birth. The first in June when she had her lip and nose done and the second in September when she had her palate repaired.

Sweet little thing has been quite a trooper and has every reason to celebrate!

I can’t get enough of that smile!

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Be joyful in hope

My sister, on the right, and me, on the left are sitting with Santa circa 1967.

Jesus answered them, “Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have good news brought to them. And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me.”

Matthew 11:4-6

Be joyful in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

Romans 12:12

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Out and about

On Saturday Marblehead had their annual Christmas walk. Joe and I walked down to the harbour to watch the re-enactment of Marblehead’s Glover regiment rowing George Washington across the Potomac. Well, in this case it was the harbour but it was the Potomac that they rowed him up during the revolution.

I picked up this little sign for my mum’s birthday. She has it hanging in her living room. She’s not nor has she ever been a winter person.

We had some snow on Wednesday morning. The drive to work was a little slow but it gave me time to see the beauty of a winter wonderland.

Joe and I went out to eat on Wednesday night. We walked around the corner to The Barnacle restaurant. The street we walk on is Circle street. The homes on it were built in the early 1700’s and it is so narrow that one car can just fit on it. When it comes out onto the Main Street…which is only a little bigger…this is what we saw. The Barnacle is decorated for Christmas with a tree inside the window, lights on the deck railings and wreaths on the windows. Chandler Hovey light house is lit up with red and green lights across the harbour on Marblehead neck, and the moon is full and reflecting off of the Atlantic Ocean. It was just beautiful. We paused at the little beach and marveled at how awesome it was. Then, we went into the Barnacle and had dinner at the windows.

On the town landing there is a buoy decorating contest. People painted buoys as a fundraiser and then they were displayed on a lobster trap Christmas tree for the town to see. I saw a lot of people taking pictures of one another in front of it during the Christmas walk.

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Winter is coming

I gave my mother this little sign for her birthday. She really doesn’t like winter.

I like to say that winter and I have come to an understanding.

One year I bought myself some snowshoes and it was so much fun! So, I forgave winter for being so cold and bought myself some good winter clothing.

Some people dislike winter so much that they don’t even like Autumn because “they know what’s coming.” But…it’s cold for 5 or 6 months here in New England. That’s about half of the year. Which means that you are unhappy for half of your life over the weather…which you have no control over.

Move….or find a way to get along with it. What a waste.

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Watching for Santa

My step-sons are teenagers now (!) and they are not here as often because they have busier schedules. Sometimes their bedroom turns into a guest room and when we are very lucky it turns into my grandson, Verne’s bedroom.

Whatever the occasion, it’s nice to get it all dressed up for the season!

It looked almost magical last week with snow falling all over the cedar boughs and a tiny white Christmas tree all lit up.

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