4 thoughts on “The gift

  1. That’s a bold statement, even for a believer to make. Especially if “the land of the living” means Planet Earth. I need serious work on my definition of “bounty”–so grateful for the work God is doing in my own heart around this topic.

  2. We still can look around same as in the day of the Psalms in awe of this beautiful Earth. Sad that there is so much to see, but not enough time in ones lifetime. I admire those who can travel all over to places to view. Or by bounty, does it mean that he thinks to see all that God will accomplish in his lifetime. Whatever, it brings to my mind the beauty even on a snowy day when my furbaby likes to play in the snow. 🙂 God is good. Like the effects of your photo. Nice. 🙂

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