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Yellow tulips

* My mum was been sick with a cold/flu for 2 weeks and only just started feeling better last weekend. On Friday she went out to run a few errands for the first time and picked up some pretty yellow tulips for me. It was her way of thanking me for taking care of her while she wasn’t feeling well. I stopped at the store a few times for her on the way home from work and Joe and I invited her upstairs for dinner a few times as well. One time we made dinner upstairs but brought our plates, and one for her, downstairs so she wouldn’t have to tackle the stairs. She’s 85 and in great shape but stairs are difficult for her. She’s feeling much more like herself now…we all joke that her social life is more active than mine, my brother’s and my sister’s combined!

*on Saturday Joe and I went to Joey’s basketball game. He is number 24. His team lost by quite a bit. The other team were literally head and shoulders taller and at some point Joey just started laughing about it. It didn’t seem to matter how hard they tried because they were just outsized. Learning to lose is a valuable lesson to learn in life though. After the game, I heard Joey’s uncle tell him, “Don’t worry about it, there’s always going to be someone taller.” I thought those were great words.

*Saturday was absolutely beautiful weather here. The sidewalks were full of people walking to and fro, the sun was shining, I think it was around 60 degrees (F), and smiles were all over the place. Being a dyed in the wool New Englander, I’m waiting for the winter to come back full force…there’s no such thing as free weather here. But it was certainly a lovely day and I’ll take it!

*Monday night I made a quiche for dinner and it came out delicious. I usually make a soup for supper on Mondays but I didn’t get to it over the weekend. So I threw together some veggies, cheese, and ham and we had quiche.

*on Sunday my brother and sister-in-law, and my mum came for dinner. We celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday which was this week. It was lovely to all get together on a winter’s eve.

Friday fave fives

9 thoughts on “Yellow tulips

  1. Sounds like a good week. Glad your mom is feeling better!!

    Yummy!! Quiche!!

    Here in the capital region of NY we had a high of 64 last weekend. It was glorious. Today’s high is predicted at 19. Haha

  2. I love bringing fresh lowers in during the dead of winter–they cheer my soul.

    We were in the 60s this week, too, and it felt so nice. We’re back to 40s today and expecting teens at night over the weekend. I’m so looking forward to spring.

    I’m so glad your mom is feeling better and your son’s team took the game so well. It’s true, learning to lose graciously and learn from it is a great life lesson.

    The quiche looks great!

  3. Your tulips are beautiful, i do love them. I am glad to hear that you mother is feeling a little better now. It is lovely to hear such a heart warming story about losing a game in this highly competitive world we live in now.

  4. Glad your Mum is feeling better and those tulips are lovely. Very cheerful. Sounds like it was a good week apart from your Mum being unwell.

  5. The quiche is just beautiful! I used to make quiche quite a bit, I wonder why I stopped? You’ve given me a ‘new’ idea for my menus.

  6. Glad you’re mom is feeling better. What a lovely gift to say thank you. The quiche looks delicious. Well you know our foray into the deep freeze for weather, well yesterday when I got up it was -13F and by noon it was +41*F. The cold snap is broken and Wednesday we’re even supposed to reach 50*F. Welcome to southern Alberta. But I doubt if that will be the end of snow and cold yet for the year. Love your son’s attitude towards his team’s loss. And those were wise words by his uncle that translates to other parts of life too.

  7. Love the tulips!! I love tulips! How sweet of your mum to give them to you (and how sweet of you to take such good care of her).
    Hurray for those warmer and sunnier days!
    I love Joey’s attitude and his uncle gave him great advice!

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