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The rhythm of a simple spirit

I am not much of a resolution maker. I do like to choose a word for the year though, and this year I’ve chosen the word hope.

I also like to reset my own inner rhythm and with that the rhythm of my days.

I have become accustomed to both a morning routine and an evening routine.

These routines set up my day and allow me to run smoothly and also calm me at evening so that I sleep well and am prepared for tomorrow.

At the beginning of the new year I reevaluate my daily tasks, my thought processes, and the position that my heart is in.

I try to tune in to the natural world around me and find a simple and spiritual rhythm to set my inner metronome to.

Yes, there are storm in nature. Waves that crash errantly against the shore but under the chaos there is the rhythm of tide…ebb and flow, ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

I know there will be times throughout the year that may be filled with chaos, sorrow, and even joy…things that will not be under my control – things that I cannot know or even think of yet.

It’s the rhythm of the tide that I seek…they rhythm of the earth spinning, the sun and the moon and the stars. The rhythm of the seasons changing, the rhythm of my own heart beating and the rhythm of my own lungs breathing in and breathing back out again.

And when I have sat still enough to feel this rhythm…then I begin to add my own dance within it. A place for morning worship and evening prayer, a place for daily tasks and for self-care, a place for those I love, a place for driving to work and coming home again at end of day.

My own circadian rhythm that beats with the ocean, the leaves on the trees, the sun, and the seasons.

3 thoughts on “The rhythm of a simple spirit

  1. You are simply brilliant. I loved reading this, and wish I knew how to do it!! This is a beautiful picture of you, too. So maybe i need to structure my life a bit more, be in tune with nature. I remember when you said you liked fall and winter, and explained why. That made me feel a bit better about it all. You hold many wise secrets. I think you are no longer cool chick. You are Wise Lady.

  2. Beautiful words. I love the way you describe yourself as being in harmony with nature and feeling her rhythms and bringing them into your own. This is so incredibly powerful. I feel the harmony with nature but I wanted to go to a deeper level and you have open a wonderful door for me to see how to do it.

    I went to a Women’s gathering last night, my first ever. It was incredibly powerful and I hope the start of a new journey for me and this group. One of the things we did was to be still, to feel. It was amazing and empowering. Then we all opened our hearts and it felt so right to do that. It now feels amazing to read that you do this too, that there may be many women out there who spending time being still.

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