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Romance can blossom any old time

Love knows no season, love knows no climb,

Romance can blossom any old time,

Here in the open, we’re walking and hoping,


Sleigh bells ring are you listening?

In the lane snow is glistening,

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,

Walking in a winter wonderland…

Wednesday evening Joe took the train in from the city and met me after work. We walked through downtown Beverly and did some shopping at a few little shops and then we went to the Depot restaurant which is right on the train tracks. We sat at a little table next to the huge fireplace. The mantle was decorated for Christmas with colour full trees and little lights, old fashioned Christmas music was playing, and every so often we heard the train bells ringing and watched it go down the tracks in the snow. It was so romantic!

Saturday evening we celebrated my mum’s 85th birthday. We had planned to take her out to eat but it was terribly rainy and windy out and she said she would rather stay in. So, we ordered take-away and I popped out to buy a cake.

Our house is finished being renovated! The final touch is a plaque they added stating the year the house was built and who it was built for. I did look him up on Google and he led quite an interesting life. Living here in old town Marblehead is like living in the midst of history.

Sunday was Abigail’s (my granddaughter) first birthday party! I think she was watching her older brother sing Happy birthday to her when I took this photo. While she loved all the singing and partying the cake wasn’t her thing. She stayed as clean as a little lady because she didn’t eat any cake at all.

Her older brother, however, in his Little sister protection squad t-shirt, ate all of the cookie Santa Clause’s off the top of the cake.

A little snow fell on Tuesday. It was just enough to dust everything with white and look pretty.

Friday fave fives

6 thoughts on “Romance can blossom any old time

  1. Takeaway and cake sounds a good way to celebrate a birthday. Birthday wishes to your Mum and Granddaughter. Grandkids are the best! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I love your grandson’s shirt! And your granddaughter has such a sweet smile. I’m glad she and your mom had a nice birthday. How fun to live in a historic setting! Your dinner out does sound romantic.

  3. Granddaughters are mysterious creatures and so delightful!
    On cookie making day, our little girl was so focused on making cookies, she scarcely tasted one–so different from my grandson and four sons!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom and to your granddaughter! I love that little sister protection squad shirt! (I think my older brother may have had one–he certainly was my protector)
    Your evening out sounds wonderful–I zeroed right in on fireplace!
    Your home and town is historic!

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