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Green Day Friday

I didn’t get a chance to put any of my Thanksgiving photos up last week so I thought I would include a few this week.

I’m not usually a fan of posed photos but this was so darn cute I couldn’t resist.

The first thing we did was pose around the turkey. My older daughter, Hannah, hadn’t arrived yet so she wasn’t in the picture. My mum and I in the back, Verne, Abigail, and my daughter, Bonnie, in the front.

Verne had a sleep-over with us on Saturday night. The neighbors were having a tree taken down and we watched from the safety of our second story window. Verne knew the name of all the different trucks and equipment that they used!

Verne helped us decorate the tree late afternoon on Saturday. I had all the unbreakable ornaments in a basket and he hung them all up on the same low hanging branch! So Cute!

We got our first taste of real snow and a snow day for me! Joe walked around the corner to the bus stop but the bus never came. He has plenty of personal days at work so he called out and walked back home. I turned on the Christmas tree lights and the fireplace so it was all nice and cozy for him when he got here.

Because we live in old town the streets are very narrow. We think that because of the snow storm there wasn’t enough room for the bus to navigate.

It was a special treat for us both to have a paid day off!

Friday fave fives

4 thoughts on “Green Day Friday

  1. The posed photo is a nice reminder of a fun day. Y’all look happy.
    Your grandchildren are adorable. Verne’s smile is so big and bright (in the first photo), I have to smile back!
    Lovely treat that you and your husband had a snow day together. All the warmth, crackle, and light from the fire sure adds to the beauty of your tree.
    Isn’t it something that kiddos do like to put all their ornaments on the same branch?! Such cuteness. Great photo of Verne decorating. Next year your granddaughter will be helping.
    Have a safe and warm week.

  2. How lovely to have an unexpected snow day at home all cozy with your husband! Your pictures are just adorable!! Verne is such a beautiful child. I especially like Verne & Grandpa looking out the window.

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