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The season of Advent

O Tannenbaum

I like to have a day or two with nothing but lights on the Christmas tree. It’so quiet and calm. Seeing the simplicity of only lights on the tree seems a peaceful and prayerful way for me to center the love of Christ in my heart for the coming season.

This year I have decided to take a prayer walk down the street to the harbour each day of Advent and concentrate my steps and my prayers on how I can serve- asking the Lord to open my heart and help me to discern what the people I love need.

My grandson, Verne, will be here later this morning to help with the tree decorating.

Our hearts are equally excited to be able to share this time with one another.

Home and garden Thursday

Make it pretty Monday

2 thoughts on “The season of Advent

  1. This theme stops me in my tracks. “Shall I play for him” seems like just the right question to me.
    And your daily walk, I’m sure, will be a delight.

  2. Jesus walked everywhere so how fitting that you’re choosing to walk. Love that idea. Also, I think you have such a lovely area for your walks. The grandbabykins helping to decorate is precious. I miss those days, and just watched a movie the other day of mine. He was so serious as he chose my ornaments to place and hang on the tree. Happy Sunday.

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