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Thanksgiving prep

Making the shopping list.

Pulling out the old recipes from the wooden recipe box.

We’re having an upstairs/downstairs Thanksgiving this year. Mum is doing the dinner downstairs in her apartment and I am doing appetizers and dessert upstairs in our apartment.

Both of my daughters will be there, along with Hannah’s roommate, my son-in-law, and my grandchildren. My sister and her fiancé will also be there but her grown children will be visiting their father this year. My brother and his fiancé will be here for dessert. We will have to be sure to have plenty of ice cream on hand for my brother! It’s his one weakness.

Thanksgiving has not always been my favourite holiday. This year, however, it seems so dear.

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving prep

  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds busy and lovely. The recipe box…so true that it comes out more at this time of year for me than any other. When I look, I even see the recipes that I wrote when taking Home Economics in Middle School. How the writing changes, but not dramatically. This use to be the time that the address book always came out too in preparations for Christmas cards, but sadly no one seems to want to share Christmas greetings by mail anymore or at least that’s the way with those on my list. I still sent last year, but am actually thinking not this year. I saved some I had because thought they will be at least a conversation piece for the kids maybe in years to come. I have always love sending mail even as a child. I like the social media allows for sending greetings too, but I miss snail mail and doing my cards over the Thanksgiving holiday, but then guess Thanksgiving is a reminder of thankful things and glad for at least a venue for sharing a Christmas blessing. Have a great holiday.

  2. As lives and circumstances change, each holiday becomes more special, doesn’t it? I think your idea of an upstairs/downstairs Thanksgiving is brilliant! The day sounds like it will be a wonderful memory.

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