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The turkey in us all

The good

I picked up this pretty little pink poinsettia at the plant nursery last weekend.

I love this time of year….this whole holiday season.

The fun

This is from a Thanksgiving 7 or 8 years ago at my mum’s house. She likes to get a picture of all the grandchildren around the turkey. It’s been a long time now since all of them have been together like this. One year only my daughter, Hannah was there. This year my sister’s children can’t make it and only my daughters will be there…and my grandchildren will add delight to the picture as well. This tradition started when I was a little girl and we had all of my 11 cousins together for a picture. We hated doing it back then but love to see the pictures today.

The random

I suppose he isn’t all that random at this time of year.

Still though….turkeys are such strange birds…so random looking.

The wild turkey and the black capped chickadee share the honor of the state bird in Massachusetts. This may explain, perhaps, why the people of Massachusetts are considered to have such a sarcastic and “teasing” sense of humour. There is, after all, a little turkey in us all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The good, the random, the fun

One thought on “The turkey in us all

  1. I learned something today – I did not know the wild turkey shared the honor of being Massachusetts’ state bird! Happy Thanksgiving!

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