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Reading by the fireside

One of my favourite boys reading one of my favourite children’s books, Rain, by Peter Spier.

I spent last evening minding my grandchildren while my daughter and son-in-law went out for a few hours. I hope to do it again very soon.

He is such a delight to spend time with.

Little things Thursday

4 thoughts on “Reading by the fireside

  1. I love Peter Spier, and I think Rain might be in our house somewhere! I need to thin the collection of children’s books down to just the favorites so I can put my hand on the ones that are really worth our time.

  2. Babysitting our grandchildren is one of the best things ever. And it is so good for all concerned, the parents, us, and the kids. I have not heard of this book, but he looks totally engrossed. He is so beautiful.

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