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The Conservatory

We have a small room just off of the kitchen. The left half holds a very old table which I use as a desk, a pair of bedroom chairs, and Joe’s guitars. I have put a pair of drumsticks and a Kalimba (thumb piano) on the table between the chairs along with a tiny jar of picks. There are also quite a few plants in the room which take advantage of the two sunny windows.

On the right side of the room is the washer and dryer, another window, and a good sized closet. We live in a small apartment in a very old house in New England so a good sized closet is a sweet thing to have.

In a rather tongue-in-cheek way we refer to the room as the conservatory because it is a garden/music room…along with my office and the laundry room.

We moved here in July and as you can see I am still putting the finishing touches on things. I have two more things to hang on the wall…both artwork that my daughters made when they were in grade school. They are 31 and 27 now. It’s not exactly “Magnolia’ around here…maybe not instagram ready…but it is home and Tucker, our cat, seems to like it.

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday

Twinkly Tuesday

Modest Monday

A wise woman builds her home

5 thoughts on “The Conservatory

  1. It is so inviting, and serves so many purposes. I really love the pretty little green & white quilt! It is the perfect finishing touch.

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