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Purple day

The good

I found this sweet little pot and since my sister’s name is Holly and we are filled with hope for her diagnosis I planted a baby holly bush and it sits on the kitchen table.

The fun

Joe and I woke early on Sunday morning and went to the Driftwood for breakfast. It’s been in business for over 75 years and it looks like you’re on the set of Jaws in 1975. We had to walk up the long way so we could stop at the ATM because they only take cash. They have the worst coffee and the best breakfast and if you get there early enough the line isn’t down the street!

On weekends they have fried dough and if you’re really lucky they have eggs Benedict…we were!

The random

Tucker would like you to know that he has thoroughly tested the old chair and though it may be a bit well loved in places it is quite comfortable.

The good, the random, the fun

6 thoughts on “Purple day

  1. Oh, would love to cuddle your cat. Reminds me of my Tess who now lives cross the Rainbow Bridge. Your town sounds so inviting. I live in a really small town, but most places that were here when we moved here in the 70’s are gone now except for a bar that is famous for their bologna sandwiches.

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