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Green Friday

There is a very, very small apartment on the third floor that is not rented. My brother has been doing some painting up there in preparation for a prospective tenant. This is the view from one of the windows. You can see more of the harbour in person but in the picture you can only see a bit of it just to the right of the big pine tree.

Our home renovations have been completed…at least until spring when I think they will be replacing the railing and all of the fences. Oh, and we will have a new front door (brick red) by Thanksgiving! It was a rough haul with all the work being done on my and my mum’s apartments but we are so happy with how it all turned out. You can see the third floor windows where the view is so spectacular. Our apartment is on the second floor and my mum is on the first floor.

My niece, Noel, came to visit over the weekend. My sister, Holly, stayed at my mum’s last week so that she could get 5 radiation treatments in Boston. A few years ago, when my sister moved she gave her dog, Sadie to my brother. Noel and Sadie were quite happy to be reunited for an afternoon nap.

Joe found a wonderful film called, Echo in the Canyon, last weekend. I think it was on Netflix. It was all about the musical scene in Laurel Canyon, California in the mid-sixties. It featured The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds…It was done by Jacob Dylan and we really enjoyed it.

It’s comin’ on Christmas.

I know….it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. However, I saw a giant pine tree lit up just across the street from the parking lot at work, two windows with Christmas lights in theme in a third floor apartment and an actual Christmas tree in a second floor apartment both in old town just around the corner from me. It was such a nice treat to see all of that on my way home from work.

Friday fave fives

8 thoughts on “Green Friday

  1. Wow!! You and i have a VERY different idea of what makes a great view!! 🤣🤣

    How sweet that your niece could visit you and be reunited with her dog.

    I love the Xmas season!! The light snow we had Tuesday morning put me in the spirit!

    Oh that’s a movie my husband and i would love. We will look for it this weekend. Saturday is our in home movie date night. 😀

    Happy weekend!

  2. It is so neat that you and your mum can live together, yet have your own floor of the building. I am praying for your sister.

  3. That is an awesome arrangement to have separate apartments but be in the same house as your mom. I’ve often thought to get a duplex and do the same idea with my mom but she’s very resistant to change and she has been in her home for 54 years! Love the color of your house.

    What a sweet pic of your niece and the dog napping together.

    Our Thanksgiving is mid-October in Canada. Most wait to decorate until Remembrance Day is over on November 11th to do decorating but there is the odd person that goes for it right after Halloween. I always wait for the first weekend of December.

  4. The building you live in is quite beautiful; I especially love the blue right next to the stonework on the bottom. Having a new brick red door in time for Thanksgiving will certainly give your home a festive feel.
    The photo of Noel and Sadie is precious, isn’t it? Having an afternoon nap with a for friend is such a comfort. Praying that all goes well with your sister Holly and her radiation treatments.
    Yes, Echo in the canyon is indeed on Netflix. Thanks for the recommendation. It’s now on my list.
    Have a lovely week.
    Susan from

  5. Oh if I were close, I’d love renting that apartment. The movie on the music of the 50’s and 60’s. I married my hubby in the wee early 60’s and he was a traveling musician with an up and coming band. They never made it, but was fun memories sometimes of those early years and motel rooms. Living on the beach was the best during the cold months. Enjoyed reading your green Friday. 🙂

  6. I will have to look up Echo in the Canyon. The Professor loves his 50s and 60s music.
    I love that photo of your niece and her dog. They don’t forget, do they?

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