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Sadie and Noel take a nap

At one point this dog, Sadie was my sister’s. When she moved Sadie went to live with my brother and his fiancé. It was supposed to be a temporary move but my sister’s cancer returned for the second time and Sadie ended up staying with my brother. Over the weekend Sadie and my niece, Noel, were reunited. My sister’s cancer has returned for the third time now and she has been staying at my mum’s while she goes through radiation treatments in Boston. So, Noel came to visit over the weekend and Larry stopped by with Sadie.

It was sweet to see them taking a little nap together on the sofa.

Little things Thursday

3 thoughts on “Sadie and Noel take a nap

  1. I am so sorry about your sister. The photo is wonderful! Sadie and Noel obviously have a special bond. We adopted a dog and a cat (years ago) from other family members who were unable to care for them. Both were wonderful companions. The cat passed away a few years ago and the dog is napping at my feet right now!

  2. This is the sweetest picture. I will be praying for your sister. And I am not just saying that, I am in charge of the prayer line at our church.

  3. Aw, that is such a sweet picture. I am SO sorry to hear of your sister’s illness, and trust Jesus will lay His healing hand upon her and give all of you many more years together. May He bless you and your family.

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