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Rhythm of a day

We put out a bowl filled with lollipops for the trick-or-treaters.

We carved our jack-o-lanterns.

And….I made the Halloween chili!

Every year since my children were very small I’ve made chili for dinner on Halloween.

I started because it was easy to keep warm and we could eat a bit before taking the kids out or if they were too excited to eat a good dinner, we could eat it when they came back home.

For some time now, I’ve been following the Waldorf custom of giving each day of the week a specific colour.

Monday -purple

Tuesday -red

Wednesday -yellow

Thursday -orange

Friday -green

Saturday -indigo

Sunday -White (or silver)

I change the dish cloth that hangs on the stove and the candle on the kitchen table according to the day.

Even my husband often refers to the days of the week in colours now.

4 thoughts on “Rhythm of a day

    1. It is a custom from the Waldorf school/education philosophy created by Rudolph Stienburg.

  1. I’ve never heard of this custom. Does it help with mood, etc.? Sounds interesting. How do you determine what color the day will be? I have questions. hahaha

    1. It is from the Waldorf school created by Rudolph Stienberg. He chose the colour along ago. There is also a day of the week for certain grains, scents and many other things.

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