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Green Day

My family got together on Saturday evening. My mum, my daughter, Hannah, my brother, me and my sister. My mum wanted a picture but didn’t want to take off her apron so I got out my apron collection and we all wore aprons!

We had so many laughs!

Sunday evening my sister and my brother’s fiancé came over to carve pumpkins. We had such fun!

I finally discovered what has been happening to the little white pumpkins I put in my window box! This cheeky little fella has been scampering up the back stairs and tossing them over the edge or just sitting on the railing having a little something, something.

It’s good to finally have the mystery solved but his snacking days are over as I won’t bother to replace the pumpkins.

One night last week Joe and I went up to the rooftop deck to watch the sunset. It was a little chilly so Joe went downstairs to grab our jackets and a bottle of wine. We had the steeple of Old North church, Abbot hall, Marblehead harbour, and the Marblehead lighthouse all within view. We put on some Creedance Clearwater music and danced up there while the stars came out. It was so romantic.

Every once in a while I find a mug that I fall in love with.

Friday fave fives

9 thoughts on “Green Day

  1. Aprons???!!! Whoa! I had literally ONE apron when i first got married…..a secret Santa gift. Never wore it so i gifted it to a shelter. Yours look so fun and vintage!

    The Old North Church!! We saw that once! My daughter was in Boston a few weekends ago for some Harry Potter cos con. We just love your city. We will be all together with the Turner clan over Thanksgiving and we are hoping to get into the city on Black Friday.

    Dancing on the roof…..Romantic!!

    1. This is the Old North church in Marblehead which is on the north shore of Boston.

    2. What a great family picture. Squirrels can be very cheeky – my bird feeder is missing the peanut feeder at the moment – it’s on the ground and I’m pretty certain that’s down to a squirrel! Aww dancing on the roof how lovely.

  2. The green that your mug is sitting on…I LOVE it! It looks like a quilted tablecloth. Your table always so nice. Everyone wearing aprons is such a cool idea. A good theme and just fun. I think you’ve done your part to give one little critter a very happy fall!

  3. I love the apron picture! I like your pumpkin designs, too. I have to have a simple one or it doesn’t come out right and I get frustrated. But my husband and middle son get pretty detailed. Squirrels can be so cute but also so pesty. Your rooftop date does sound romantic!

  4. Smiling over the apron picture. And that you actually have a collection. I love aprons and I use them alot but only have 2. Sneaky little thief that squirrel is. I have heard you can put your jack o’lanterns out on your property after halloween to feed them and other critters. I don’t think I have seen a squirrel anywhere near our house or even in the city come to think of it, but I’m sure they are out there.

    1. I thought of putting the leftover jack-o-lanterns in a corner of the yard for critters but then remembered that there are critters I would rather not attract!!

  5. Oh excellent that you solve the mystery of the disappearing and/or moving white pumpkins. What a cheeky fellow that squirrel is.
    I love the idea of y’all wearing aprons in that photo. When you look at it you’ll have a fun memory.
    Romance is certainly not dead in your home. Way to go.
    Have a great week.
    Susan from

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