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A diary of home

It was a very blustery day.

Last week I dug the rosemary out of the kitchen garden and potted it to overwinter indoors.

Our home smells lovely with it’s scent.

Cozy throws rest upon the loveseat and pillows tempt one to turn on the fire

And watch an old movie or take an afternoon cat nap…

Perhaps a cup of tea and some quiet reading.

Even the squirrels scurry about putting their homes in order

And readying things for the coming season.

~ I believe this is the little fellow who absconded with the little pumpkins

From my window boxes and now sits in the branches cleaning

His little paws with the Old North church steeple in the background.

November is only mid-Autumn yet by the end of the month

It begins to feel as if winter has already arrived.

It’s not entirely unusual to have at least a dusting of snow by Thanksgiving

And though I gaze with longing at those who gather around tables

Set on porches or in golden fields, I love when it snows at end of November

And all my loved ones are gathered close and warm.

Night falls early, fires are lit, lamps aglow.

These seem to be the best days of home keeping.

We are inside and less busy than in the warmer months.

By march we will all be clamoring to get out of doors

But November’s stormy days gather us in

round fresh made soups and home baked pies.

Dull November brings the blast

Then the leaves are whirling past

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday

A wise woman builds her home

2 thoughts on “A diary of home

  1. Though I do not like winter, you make it sound wonderful! Your living room is just like your blog title. Simple, beautiful, and cozy. I love the squirrel picture! How on earth could he have run with the pumpkins? But squirrels are so resourceful; I would have loved to see it. Your kitchen window shot is gorgeous!!

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