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Will the circle be unbroken

The light shines in the darkness

And the darkness has not overcome it

Last night we were all together. My sister and brother, myself, my mum, and my daughter, Hannah. My mum didn’t want to take her apron off for a picture so we all wore aprons.

Tomorrow morning my sister and her fiancé go to Dana Farber for an appointment to set up radiation treatment for her stage 4 colon cancer which has returned for the third time. The tumor on her sacrum is active again and they have found a spot on her iliac joint. She has spoken about time lines and palliative care.

But last night was for laughing.

Scripture and a snapshot

Sunday scripture blessings

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7 thoughts on “Will the circle be unbroken

  1. The darkness has not overcome….love that reminder. Love the picture, and I do love aprons even if I forget to put one on. So fun to sew also. My grandson even loved wearing one when he was little and we make cookies, etc. and then had to also make the grand-daughter one when she saw his. Many prayers for your sister for peace as she deals with this return. ~hugs~

  2. So sorry to learn that a cancer war is being waged so close to home.
    It’s wonderful to find circle time–laughter and remembering do help.
    Praying for you all.

  3. I am so sorry about your sister. She looks so very young. And the two of you look so much alike; i bet you have heard that a lot. What a wonderful picture of your daughter, she is beautiful. The aprons are really pretty, and what a good idea! It fancies up the picture and kind of gives it a theme of home and comfort.

  4. Love the aprons, the laughter, and the light that continues to shine!! Praying for your sister in these days ahead. ❤

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