Autumn · In the garden · Indigo day



I have been thinking of a word for 2020 and I think I may have settled on Pleasant.

One pleasant day in October, sunflowers succumbed to the weight of their ripening seeds and bowed their heads to the leaf strewn ground.

~ ~ ~

Stop for a moment and notice the stillness all around you.

We may be bustling here and there, rushing about to finish our chores,

But a single leaf sings it’s entire symphony as part of the whole tree,

red, orange, yellow and glowing in the setting sun.

And then it dances in the air currents, twirling softly and silently to the ground…

Laying there in stillness, it’s pleasant task complete.

Who are we to say that our tasks are more important or matter more?

As for me, I will stop in a pleasant grove of an Autumn afternoon and pause for the gift

of a single falling leaf, grateful for a tree

That is generations older than me, and bigger than me, and perhaps,

In some ways, even wiser than me.

One thought on “Pleasant

  1. Beautiful words. I love what you say about tasks and whose are more important, I think that is so true. We seem to have lost the balance along the way somewhere.

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