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Orange Day

Long ago when I had five teenagers in the house and no dishwasher

I came to terms with doing the dishes.

One morning I decided that doing dishes was going to be pleasant.

There were days back then when it felt like I did nothing but dishes…

So…I changed my mindset from it being a terrible experience to a pleasant experience.

I bought my favourite scented dish soap, I turned on some music, and I began the task.

These days it’s just Joe and I, for the most part, and we have a dishwasher.

I still find dishes a pleasant sensory experience…the smell of the dish soap,

The warmth of the water, the sights of the little town outside of the window,

Lovely music in the background, the simple joy of completing the task….

Little things Thursday

5 thoughts on “Orange Day

  1. I completely agree.
    Dirty dishes are evidence of provision and people.
    And our minds are free to do what they will while our hands are busy.
    I never want to take hot water and a clean kitchen for granted.

  2. Your post today speaks so much to my heart! And did I tell you that I am so very glad you have returned to blogging? You know the secrets of taking a not good experience and making it enjoyable! Something we all need to do just to get through life and be happy. Your kitchen sink and window look a lot like ours. We have never had a dishwasher either. I do the cooking, and Phil does the dishes. Oh, I just read that October poem, which I did not know! I love it, and how he urges things to go so very slowly. I think I will put some of it on our church prayer line.

  3. Such wise words. The energy we spend resisting those jobs that have to be done could be better spent doing something we really enjoy. It is about mindset.

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