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Window boxes and railings

There is one single windowbox at our house. It sits on the top of the railing that goes downstairs into the backyard.

All summer I had geranium in it and they grew so beautifully.

We can see out this back door from the living room and when I sit on the end of the bed to put my socks on in the morning I can see the reflection through the bathroom mirror. It looked so pretty.

I thought that it would be torn down when the staircase was replaced over the summer. But…they ran out of time and have decided it is best to wait for the spring before replacing the staircase. So we get to keep the window box for a while longer.

There are lights on the branches and now that it’s getting dark earlier they will be quite pretty lit up.

~What do you put in your window boxes? Or near your doorways?

I have winterberry and a type of holly with small white pumpkins. I also picked up a beautiful, lichen covered brand that had blown down from the neighbor’s house in a recent storm. I went to the nursery in town looking for mums but they were sold out. I got what they had and I am very happy with how it turned out.

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One thought on “Window boxes and railings

  1. The window box is gorgeous, and so creative! i love it. Can you ask them to make another when they replace the staircase? I am guessing you will hate to see it go. I love the pretty color of the houses!

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