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My first school cancellation as a faculty member at my new job!! We are in the midst of a north east storm and there are trees down and power out for miles and miles. We are one of the few people with power but my school (which is a few towns away) and most of the town I live in lost power in the night.

So….school is cancelled! With all the trees down I’m not sure how I would have gotten there anyway.

Little things Thursday

5 thoughts on “Nor-Easter

  1. Stay safe. So not ready for this kind of weather. So far, we’re just colder than normal for Fall here in Ohio. Seems so soon to be in the 30’s at night. Glad you have and can keep the electricity for warmth and cooking, etc.

  2. We lost power for about an hour this morning but thankfully that was all. It was quite the doozy of a storm last night.

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