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Staying home

The clapboard is finally finished on our house! The windows have all been replaced and painted, the roof is done, and two of the storm doors have been installed!

On Tuesday they will install two more screen doors and begin the exterior painting!

The dark grey/green is called nocturnal grey and it’s for the clapboard, the white is for the trim, and the Navaho red is for the doors.

We live in a historical district of Marblehead, Massachusetts, so these historical looking colours are perfect.

The back story:

In mid-spring my brother was painting the interior of a three-story apartment house in old town Marblehead. The first floor was available to rent and he thought it would be a nice place for my mum to live. She had been thinking about selling her house and renting a first floor apartment. She’s 84 and the stairs and upkeep in her home were getting to be too much for her. After being told that the entire house, interior and exterior were being done over, she decided to make the move.

Meanwhile, the second floor was also opening up to rent. My brother mentioned it to Joe and I, and after thinking about it for a few days, we decided to make the move as well.

We moved into the second floor on 28 June and my mum moved into the first floor at the end of July. We all knew that the house would be a work zone for a few months in early fall.

They started work at the end of August. Wow!

They’ve removed the vinyl siding, repaired some rotting boards and some significant rot at the bottom of the house, installed clapboard siding, replaced all of the windows, replaced the four screen doors, had a new roof put on, and they will begin to paint tomorrow. In the interior they have redone the first and second floor bathrooms with new toilets, new tub/shower, and new flooring, they have redone the first and second floor kitchens with new dishwashers, new stoves, and new refrigerators. They have updated and added some electrical outlets and lighting. They have also repainted the entire house from top to bottom, all walls, all ceilings and all trim, including those in the front stairway and installed new carpet in the entire place. They have also replaced and painted all of the windows.

It’s been a long few months! We are beginning to see signs of the end of the tunnel though!

I think by just after Halloween we should be just about done. Hopefully, the painting will go smoothly and the nice weather will hold out till they are done!

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday

2 thoughts on “Staying home

  1. Wow, that’s a whole lot of work in a very short amount of time!! How wonderful it must be to have everything new. I even love the new paint and appliance smell. I adore your living room, it is just my style. Kind of country cottage. So pretty, yet simple, and inviting. I hope you will be showing the outside when it is finished.

  2. That is a lot of work, I hope it is worth the disruption. I got a bit confused when you were talking about the first floor and your mum not wanting to climb stairs anymore. Here in the UK, for some reason that I do not understand, we have ground floor and first floor which are what you call first and second!

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