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An acorn from the house next door

A sweet blue runner on the kitchen table makes a rather cheery statement along with a set of diminutive salt and pepper shakers and a pot of tiny chrysanthemums.

The small bowl is filled with gatherings from walks around the neighborhood.

Eastern Hemlock pinecones from the big tree that grows just at the edge of the driveway, Beech nut shells from the giant tree in the playground where I work, some chestnut shells from the tree at Crocker park just above the swing where Joe and I sit to watch the sunset, and a few acorns from a white oak tree which grows along the roadside on my way to the market.

When my daughters were very young we started the tradition of having a bowl or pretty serving platter in which we would place a few natural things we that we had found outside. It was either on the dining room table or on a table in the entryway. Nature has such beauty and so I have continued this tradition even though my daughters are now all grown up and in their own homes.

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2 thoughts on “An acorn from the house next door

  1. I love this idea! You have all the best things from your area in one microcosm. And your runner is so pretty!!!

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