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I believe this book was a library cast off. It’s entitled Leaves Their plans in time and Legend. It was written by a man named Vernon Quinn and published in 1937.

I can’t say that I have ever read through the entire book but it is beautifully illustrated with pen and ink drawings at the beginning of each chapter and little doodles of leaves interspersed throughout the pages.

It is, in actuality, about leaves and has chapters on shapes of leaves, curious leaves, fragrant leaves, and even poisonous leaves.

In Robert Frost’s poem, October, he writes:

Begin the hours of this day slow,

Make the day seem, to us, less brief…

Release one leaf at break of day, at noon release another leaf,

One from our trees, one far away.

Instagram and Pinterest are filled with posts about how to live a slow life. It seems to me that all one has to do is find an old, discarded book and sit under the shade of a tree of an afternoon.

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5 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. Leaves are interesting, and actually pretty with their colorings. I collected a bunch a few years back because a gal I follow showed how to dry them so they didn’t curl all up. However, have never decided what to do with them. ~smiles~ The book does sound interesting. Is it by chance a 1st edition? Just curious since it’s that old. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I would love this book. I think it is so important to live a slow life and try to make things last; our lives are so brief. Ecclesiastes says they are like smoke.

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