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A view of the harbour

The good

Joe and I walked around the corner to have lunch at the Barnacle. I had a cup of lobster bisque, he had a bowl of chowder and we split a seafood platter. We also had bloody Mary’s. The view of the harbour was outstanding as usual and the food was delicious!

The random

I happened to catch a butterfly on one of the sunflowers across the street as I was walking into the house the other day. There are two butterfly bushes in the neighborhood as well so they have plenty of choices as to where to eat.

The fun

We went to visit Bonnie, Dad and the children last weekend. Verne is deciding which kind of ice cream is available to me at his “ice cream stand.” He finally told me that strawberry was all the ice cream that he had.

the good, the random, the fun

2 thoughts on “A view of the harbour

  1. Your sunflower and butterfly picture is gorgeous! What a lovely view. I cannot remember if you can see any of this from your house, but wow you live in a gorgeous place.

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