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On a Sunday in September

Sunday morning in my mum’s kitchen. My mum, Joe, and I went up to see Bonnie, Dan and the children on Sunday. I popped downstairs to see what time she wanted to leave in the morning and her kitchen looked so pretty.

When these two apartments in old town Marblehead first became available both she and I were a bit apprehensive about living so close to each other. It has turned out to be such a blessing though. We each have our own space and yet we are close enough to keep an eye on one another. We share dinners, we help when needed, and we are able to enjoy the company of one another as well.

My brother, Larry, stopped by the other night for a quick visit. I had just made some of my Aunt Carol’s famous pumpkin bread. Joe took some to work with him the next day to share with his co-worker and I ate some in the morning with coffee. Yum!

When we moved here at the beginning of summer we bought a smart TV. It’s proved to be rather temperamental however. It doesn’t always turn on. I can’t figure out what the problem is. Sometimes I reset it and it turns on and other times we go to bed early and watch the old TV with the fire stick that is in the bedroom.

Monday I got it to turn on!

With me as photographer this is four generations of woman in my family. My mum, my daughter, and my granddaughter. The sunflowers in the window are the ones that my mum had in her kitchen. They were a gift for my daughter.

Verne and I got a chance to play together for a while on Sunday. He pretended he was the ice cream man from the back of his daddy’s pick up truck. I pretended to order a coffee ice cream (which he told me they didn’t have -I would have to get strawberry)

His sparkly blue eyes though…I’d eat pretend strawberry ice cream with him forever.

Friday fave fives

6 thoughts on “On a Sunday in September

  1. What a lovely post. Verne is a truly beautiful boy. The smart T.V.’s can be a bit too smart for me.

  2. How lovely to have four generations of family together. We can still do that but the eldest is now 102 and not really up for many visits! I loved times with multi generations as a child I am sure your grandchildren will too. Lovely post.

  3. That’s wonderful to have four generations together. That pumpkin bread looks so good: I imagine it smelled heavenly.Verne is so cute and growing so fast.

  4. You are blessed to be near your mum!
    Oh those sparking eyes of Verne’s! What a sweet little boy! Yes, playing with him was the best thing about Sunday!

  5. Beautiful faves from your week: living just the right distance from your mom, family recipe for pumpkin bread, sunflowers, sparkly blue eyes, a snuggling baby, 4 generations, Play-pretend with a grandchild, and a tempermental TV that worked. Simple pleasures and yet so meaningful. Thanks for sharing them with us via photograpghs. These make me feel peafeful. Have a great week.

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