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Aunt Carol’s pumpkin bread

The good

Cooling temperatures bring me into the kitchen. I pulled my Aunt Carol’s pumpkin bread recipe out of the old wooden recipe box and made a couple of loaves.

Using the recipes of loved ones makes me think of them as I move about the kitchen.

The fun

Of a morning just before work I sometimes walk around the corner to the muffin man shop. I pick out a raspberry oatmeal muffin and a cup of cinnamon bun coffee and sit on the bench outside the window. It’s quite pleasant to watch the folks walking their dogs, the families riding bikes together to school, and one or two people making a quick stop at the corner market before work.

Then I turn toward home, jump into the car and drive to work myself.

The random

My grandson, Verne, has told me that he is afraid of Rhododendrons. However, I think he is overcoming his fear as when I saw him last he came running over to me with these in his hands. “Hopie!” He said, “I have two Rhodie leaves!”

The good, the random, the fun

4 thoughts on “Aunt Carol’s pumpkin bread

  1. Looks so warm and comforting. I feel the same way when I make my grandmother’s recipes.

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