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Family Friday

My sister and her fiancé came for Labor Day weekend. They stayed downstairs at my mum’s house. On Saturday my brother and his fiancé and an old family friend came for a cookout in the back yard.

On Sunday we had mum and my brother and sister and their respective fiancés over for a big spaghetti dinner.

None of which I managed to get one photo of. There is a not very good picture of our kitchen table the following morning. We pulled out the leaves to accommodate every one. We had a red and white checked tablecloth on it the night before…I always use that one for spaghetti as it reminds me of an old Italian restaurant.

Sunday afternoon Joe’s recliner was delivered! He is now able to join me in the living room and we have been watching Lark Rise to Candleford in the evening after dinner. We only watch one or two episodes because I like to make it last. I’ve never been one for binge watching though it is nice when I’m sick.

Monday we walked over to Crocker park and spent a couple hours lazing away the afternoon watching the clouds roll by, the sun glisten on the water, and the people passing by.

Quite a few ladies were marching past on some kind of a mission to get someplace quickly but our mission was to sit and do quite a lot of nothing at all…and we accomplished it with a certain ease.

We are going back this weekend to practice it again…we don’t want to get rusty at the art of doing nothing in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

Rose of Sharon are blooming everywhere. I’m not sure what happens where you live but here in New England they bloom at the end of summer. They are most usually pastel whites, pinks, and purples…sometimes a coral colour. This summer has been beastly hot and humid and I am relieved to see them in bloom. I love the season of Autumn the best.

Tonight I am going to babysit for my sweet little granddaughter, Abigail! I will probably end up spending the night as her parents won’t be back till late.

That means I’ll be able to see her in the morning as well…such a treat for me!

Next week you’ll have so many pictures of her sweetness!

Friday fave fives

7 thoughts on “Family Friday

  1. I have never heard of this T.v. show, and had to Google it. It looks so good,we love the English period movies. I will have to see if we get this channel. I love your fall tablecloth. But using the red checked one is also good, because spilled spaghetti will not show up on it as well! The Rose Of Sharon is gorgeous! Sitting out in nature quietly is for sure something important that i think we all need to do.

  2. The little one is so cute!!
    Love the flowers! And yay for taking a Sabbath out in nature!
    Happy. Weekend!

  3. Hope you had a fun time with your cute granddaughter! What fun family get-togethers. I want to see Lark Rise, but I want to read the book(s) first. I have a massive book of it with I think 2-3 volumes bound together–a little intimidating because it’s so big. Right now I’m watching When Calls the Heart when I ride my exercise bike–wanting to see the next episode helps motivate me to keep at it. 🙂 I know what you man about binge-watching–I don’t like to do that unless I am really sick or tired. Joe’s chair looks comfy! Love the picture from the park. We should never forget the fine art of relaxing.

  4. Lucky you to have that time with Abigail!
    I think your plan of doing nothing at the park is brilliant.
    I don’t think we have Rose of Sharon plants here in SoCal. I will have to look it up and find out more.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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