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Autumn beeches

At the Montessori school were I am now teaching there is a giant old Beech tree in the playground. The toddlers like to be lifted up into the crook of it’s many trunks.

The beech nut seeds that drop look so pretty as they begin to open up. I’m sure the squirrels will be out gathering when the children are indoors and the playground is quiet.

When my husband was a boy he played in the many old copper Beeches that grew in his neighborhood

That was long ago and they have either fallen of their own accord or been cut down to make room for more houses.

At the Montessori where I am now a teacher of toddlers there is a giant old smooth skinned Beech in the playground. The children like to be lifted up into the crook of where it’s 4 or 5 trunks meet in the middle. There is a place for them to stand and make believe.

Little things Thursday

4 thoughts on “Autumn beeches

  1. I have never seen Beech Nut seeds before, so this is special. They are so unusual looking. For that matter, I may have never seen a Beech tree! Now I want to find one and look for these.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Beech Nut tree. The seeds are almost pretty. My mind is wondering what craft could be done with those, but I’m sure the squirrels need them more. 🙂

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