Family Friday

I’ve been seeing signs of Autumn…My favourite season.

I started a new job at a Montessori school a few towns over and I am loving it! I was working in the city and now I’m out in the country and we have a beautiful butterfly bush right by the door.

I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren in a bit but my daughter texted me these pictures from when they were at the beach the other days.

On my way home from work I stopped at our favourite bakery and picked up a loaf of delicious bread. I’ve been having jammy toast for breakfast every morning!

I found some pink lady apples at the market the other day! They haven’t had any in a month or so and they are my favourite kind!

Friday fave five

5 thoughts on “Family Friday

  1. Love the photo of the leaf and apple!! Autumn is coming……my fave season is mid August through mid November….perfect hiking season!!

    Your grandchildren look so happy and are so cute!

    Enjoy that bread!

  2. The bush is gorgeous! And the bread, I can almost smell it. I would love fall a lot better if winter didn’t follow it!

  3. Wow, signs of autumn already! None here yet, but I am eagerly awaiting them. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new school. What sweet photos of your grandchildren! That bread looks so good! I’ve used a couple of pink lady apples with some other varieties in a pie, but never ate one raw–I’ll have to try them!

  4. Your grandchildren are so cute!
    Hurray for that new job where you can be in the country. Even the drive to work will be more pleasant.
    Autumn?? Oh my! Not yet!

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