Family Friday

We had the boys with us over the weekend. It had been a few weeks since they’d been here. They were busy with summer activities and vacations. After dinner we walked down to Fort Sewell to check out the iconic Marblehead tree that had fallen during the storm we had on Wednesday evening.

On Saturday we went to see the old fashioned fireman’s muster at Salem Willows. My son-in-law pumps the Newbury handgun. It’s such a fun family thing to do! Verne is still a bit too young (and short) to pump but he is practicing for when he gets bigger.

Abigail has her Muster t-shirt on and she’s practicing her ability to pump the handtub as well. I think she has a few more years to wait…

There are beautiful little gardens all over town! Here are som Michaelmas daisies growing in a tiny little patch of dirt between an old house and the sidewalk. It’s so pretty. I just love walking in this town. It’s been one of my favourite changes about moving here.

My sil has been housesitting for a friend who lives on the water. Joey got to go on his first paddle board adventure over the weekend. He really enjoyed it but I think he likes a little more action.

In the evening we often walk up to Fort Sewell. It’s pleasant to watch the sailboats coming into harbour after a day on the water.

Friday fave fives

5 thoughts on “Family Friday

  1. The first and last pictures are awesome. I love the dimples on sweet Abigail’s elbows! You make me want to live there more and more.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your favorites. You live in such a beautiful area. Love Abigail’s elbows:) What a sweetheart.

  3. The muster sounds like a lot of fun. Love that the grandkids are getting into it! What a beautiful area. I’m glad you’re discovering much to love in your new place.

  4. You live in a wonderful place with so much interesting history. I’m sure that Verne and Abigail will quickly grow into their jobs 🙂
    It’s obvious that you love your new town–what wonderful places to walk in the evening!

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