Being home

Does one have to be a minimalist in order to downsize into a not quite tiny but still rather smallish flat?

Because I am not a minimalist. I have things I don’t need….and I want them.

There were a few different factors that went into our decision to make our downsizing move into our tiny old town flat.

The first is that we would be closer to my mum so that we could all take care of each other. She is renting the first floor apartment and we took the second floor.

Another is that we would be saving a significant amount of money each month.

Still another is that we would be back in our old hometown and right down at the harbour.

I donated or threw away about 2/3 of everything before we moved. Since we’ve moved I have done the same with about 1/4 of what was left.

We gifted my daughter with our sofa and chose a loveseat and chair instead as that is what would fit in the space.

We still need to purchase a new recliner for my husband. I may be able to curl up on a love seat but he needs a place to stretch out and watch the telly.

The rooms are not quite as small as we thought they would be but they took some getting used to. Especially for my husband as he is bigger than I am.

We’ve been here just about 5 weeks now and mum’s been downstairs 2 weeks.

I have been parting with more and more things and not minding it a bit. It’s been pleasant to be in my home with less stuff all around me.


I’m not quite ready to give up the paper fish that the pre-schoolers at work made or the old metal scale in which it sits since it hung in my mum’s house all the while I was growing up…but I can’t really see the chair underneath it…and the chair was a gift from an old friend whose since passed away and the fabric on the seat was a gift from my daughter…

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden thursday

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