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1 August

Last night Joe cooked tenderloins on the grill and we invited my mum up for dinner. She had a chicken breast that Joe added to the grill. I made some Basmati rice and a large salad. We sat around the table and had a few laughs. Tonight Joe and I came home to lobster rolls that my mum had bought for us! We didn’t have to cook and that was quite a treat because we are in the midst of a terrible heat wave!

Since mid May when we decided to make this move I’ve donated half a household of stuff. I’m almost finished fine-tuning what we need here and then I’ll be donating even more things.

It’s freeing to be letting go of so much. It allows the things we do keep to shine.

Home and garden Thursday

Little things Thursday

5 thoughts on “1 August

  1. It is freeing to let go of things…but then I discover I am unconsciously collecting again. Time for another clean out.

  2. Your kitchen is divine! I wish I knew how to make things look like this. So inviting. It looks so casual and country cottage-like, but takes know-how. I love the little splashes of pale green. I think my kitchen would look good in a similar type of tablecloth, so I am off to Wal-Mart! Do you have a taster oven? i use them every day when it is real hot.

  3. That’s so true. It is really freeing when we give stuff away, especially when we don’t really use it or like it any more. Your kitchen is charming. I like the splashes of green here and there.


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