Family Friday

I’ve been seeing signs of Autumn…My favourite season.

I started a new job at a Montessori school a few towns over and I am loving it! I was working in the city and now I’m out in the country and we have a beautiful butterfly bush right by the door.

I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren in a bit but my daughter texted me these pictures from when they were at the beach the other days.

On my way home from work I stopped at our favourite bakery and picked up a loaf of delicious bread. I’ve been having jammy toast for breakfast every morning!

I found some pink lady apples at the market the other day! They haven’t had any in a month or so and they are my favourite kind!

Friday fave five

a simple garden · acres of sky · summer · Windows of light

The rhythm of a seed

Just beyond the wildflowers and grasses is the mouth of the harbour. Fishing boats and sailboats and some bigger boats than those pass by this little spot at Fort Sewell and have for centuries. Old Ironsides even sailed past one day slyly evading the British.

The flowers remain here at the water’s edge through it all though. Every year they rise up, scatter seed, and fall back down to earth.

Perhaps not the very largest of jobs and yet it’s important enough for a little flower and for me as I sit next to it and watch the evening settling over the Atlantic.

Little things thursday

a brown eared dogmouse if one stopped by · summer · tables of paperwood


brief, endless, erotic, witness, grace, claim,
feed, speak, root, threads, empty, rare


you are threads of shining light in the night sky

shooting out from your brief roots here on this earth

I claimed you as my own though you were not of my blood

you were devoured by endless and erotic hunger

but your veins are empty now

i could not feed you what you needed

though I cover you with grace

I speak your name to say that yours is not a rare story

can I get a witness








26 August

the fun

My last day at work was Friday and my co-teacher gave me this wine glass as a present. My hours there were 7:00-3:30.

The good

I can’t remember what the name of these pretty yellow flowers is but they grow along the neighbor’s driveway and are so cheery.

The random

Signs of things to come…I love Autumn…very often they are fighting words in New England. Autumn brings the dreaded winter and so many people don’t like it.

I love autumn though. It’s the prettiest season of the year here in New England.

The good, the random, the fun

our house · summer · Tucker · Windows of light


It wasn’t until early afternoon that the bed got made at our house on Saturday.

A soft, slow fog settled over the harbour in the night and didn’t truly clear away till sometime on Sunday.

The temps were a bit cooler than they have been but the humidity was high and it seemed like the perfect weekend for lazing about.

Honestly, we haven’t had much time for that since moving and it felt sweet to have no place to rush off to.

Gentle my home and gentle my spirit

Gift to me a pleasant and a simple day

Teach me to be mindful of a jar of sand dollars

And the sun casting shadows across the windowsill.

Make it pretty Monday

Home and garden Thursday