Be it ever so humble

There is furniture in the living room now so it no longer feels as if we’re camping out.

It’s just about as cozy as I knew it would be but I like it. We’ve still to choose a recliner for Joe and there are pictures to hang yet. We will hang the mirror before the weekend. I like the idea of it reflecting our little conversation area.

It’s very different than where we were before. Everything here is tucked in and tight whereas in Nahant things were wide open and spread out. Joe and I were just commenting last night how much more we feel at home here than we did in Nahant.

I made a quick pasta salad for dinner and I’ve got a wash going -Wednesday is wash day.

There is a small-ish extra room we’ve taken to calling the music room. It has the washer and dryer and a large closet at one end and what you see above at the other end. We have put the guitars in here along with an old Kalimba and a pair of drumsticks that I found at a yard sale. It also has my desk which you can see on the left side.

Little things Thursday

Home and Garden Thursday

One thought on “Be it ever so humble

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. It is cozy, and has an English country cottage feel. I love the music room with the cheerful splashes of green! It would really spark creativity!

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