I spend Monday helping my mum with her big move. She has downsized into a rather smallish apartment on the first floor and Joe and I have downsized into a rather smallish apartment on the second floor. We can all take care of each other.

She gifted me with her loveseat and chair because my sofa wouldn’t fit into my place and I gifted my sofa to my daughter. This is a picture of my place starting to come together. Moving sure is a lot of work!

Tucker is having a cat nap on the new chair by the window. He loves to stare out the window and catch up on all the goings on…and he also loves a little cat nap. He didn’t love all the big guys coming in and out of the house all day.

After a full day of moving we went out to dinner. We walked down to the Landing as it was the closest place and we were simply too tired to walk go any further. We sat on the deck and watched the harbour while we ate.

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Such a beautiful place. i like your rug as well, so pretty! Our Simba likes to sit on the back of our love seat in front of the window just like Tucker.

  2. How lovely that you are close together. Moving is a big pain, it looks worth it if your nearby Landing is anything to go by!
    Wren x

  3. Looks lovely the way you have decorated your new place with the furniture. I so envy you can take a walk and enjoy that water view. 🙂

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