19 July

Sunday evening Joe and I walked out to get an ice cream. Hollyhocks are the flower of Marblehead and we saw them growing all around town.

About a month ago my granddaughter had surgery to repair a cleft lip. My daughter took this picture of her over the weekend. I’m so happy that the 8 hour surgery went so well. She has to wear a small piece of tape over the site for another few weeks but other than that she’s doing fantastic! Sweet little Abigail Rose. She’s so darn cute.

My daughter, Hannah, got her masters in social work in May and has just been offered a great job. She’s very happy and I am very happy for her.

There’s a grocery market just around the corner from our house. It’s not a chain market and is a bit more expensive than the store we normally go to. But, we have been going there lately as it’s so convenient and because it’s just the two of us it’s rather nice. It’s a smaller store and less frantic. I can walk for just a few things or ride my bike. I walk past a lot of beautiful little gardens like the one pictured above. It’s a pleasant change from where we were living before and had to go off island to get to the market.

The bean plants we planted in my toddler classroom have been growing like crazy! The children love seeing how they are growing so big!

Friday fave fives

6 thoughts on “19 July

  1. Your daughter is beautiful, and she looks like you. That is such a long surgery for such a little baby! I am so glad it went well. It sounds just like heaven where you are living. Each blog post brings a new and wonderful thing.

  2. What beautiful flowers! So glad your granddaughter’s surgery went so well. Congratulations to your daughter on her degree and new job! The little market sounds cozy, especially with such a nice walk along the way.

  3. Wow that was a long surgery for a little one. I’m glad she’s doing well. And congratulations to your daughter on the job. Pretty flowers.

  4. Those hollyhocks are a lovely color. My hubby says when he was a kid they used to catch bees in them. Yikes. Glad to hear your sweet little grandbaby is doing well after surgery. Congrats to your daughter! That is wonderful that she was able to get a good job so quickly.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter!
    And I’m so happy for your beautiful granddaughter that she is healing so well.
    I love hollyhocks! And daisies, too!
    It is nice to be walking distance to a market.
    And yes, beans and peas grow so fast and the kids LOVE them.

  6. I’m so glad that Abigail’s surgery went well. She is such a precious one. And a sweet picture of you and your daughter. You look alike! That’s great news that she got her Masters. So much work and dedication.

    Thank you for the daisies today. They remind me of my mom. : )


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