Adam Sandler continues to film his Netflix movie, Hubie Halloween, around the corner from my house. There isn’t a square inch that’s not decorated! I think today is the last day for filming and then things will go back to mid-July. It’s kind of cool though to see it all.

Little things Thursday

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    1. It is coming out on Netflix but I’m not sure when. I will definitely watch it so that I can recognize all the places that they filmed. They are saying it’s Salem but it’s really Marblehead.

  1. I follow a gal on instagram who rents out her 100 year old home for movie filming. So interesting.

    1. That sounds very interesting. I’m not sure I could handle all the upheaval.

  2. I definitely need to make note. My kids always liked and me too the Adam Sandler movies. How fun, I think maybe, to have that happening close by. I know they have filmed movies about an hour or so from me, and the movie Shawshank was filmed in the prison area that is about another hour away. Was interesting to see when I watched, like you, if I could recognize the area scenery. Have a great week. 🙂

  3. That is so cool about the movie being filmed right by your house. I’ve always liked Adam Sandler as an actor. Wow, that little corner must be all decked out with Halloween stuff. And you will be familiar with all the locations when you watch the movie. : )


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