Setting up house

The random

Marblehead’s Glover regiment were the soldier’s on the boat that Washington rowed across the Potomac….way back in the day. All weekend they’ve been prowling around town…shooting off their muskets and reenacting the famous boat ride. I happened to be driving behind them as they made their way toward the harbour.

The fun

The Glover regiment may have gone back in time to reenact Washington’s boat ride but along the street named after him time has sped up a few months!

It’s Halloween on Washington street! Adam Sandler is filming the Netflix movie Hubie Halloween here next week!

The good

My mum will be moving into the apartment below us in about a week’s time. She has decided that her love seat will not fit and has gifted it to us. That means that we will be able to save the money we were going to spend on one! All this moving is beginning to tire me out. I’ll be glad when it’s done. My kitchen looks nice though. It’s the room that is most finished. I really just have to hang some artwork but I’m waiting to be sure before I mark up the beautiful walls.

The good, the fun, the random

4 thoughts on “Setting up house

  1. Your kitchen table is so pretty! As i remember, your kitchen has always looked beautiful, even years ago in your other blogs. They inspire me.

  2. Ah, so nice your mom will be close by. Sounds like an interesting week. So understand on not hanging things yet. Love after I paint, but then takes me a bit also to decide what to hang and how. 🙂

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