After a Monday night soup for a supper, I walked the old fort. I sat on the rocks overlooking the harbour and spent an hour or or so watching the boats coming home. I contemplated the absolute glory of the Atlantic and the marvel of me sitting beside it here at this old fort where I spent so much of my childhood. How can I not thank God and wonder at His creation!

The walk from the bus stop after work brings us up Picket Street, past the little, old houses and down toward the harbour to home.

To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. ~William Blake

Monday evening found me at the old fort but Tuesday I turned the other way and headed toward Crocker park. Biding a while amongst the clover till Vespers had not long passed. Summer evenings are simple and slow.

From The Fourth of July to Halloween in less than a week!

Adam Sandler is filming a movie in Marblehead and old town was decorated for the season….the Autumn season!

It actually kind of made me long for October…though I don’t wish to hurry summer at all.

Thursday evening my mum came over for dinner. She brought some beautiful flowers. It was the first dinner party we had and it was lovely.

Friday fave fives

8 thoughts on “Vespers

  1. Sounds like a perfect summer week minus the pumpkins!!!!!
    ( but Adam Sandler movies are usually hilarious!!)

  2. At first I didn’t get the “4th of July to Halloween in a week” – but then read on. It helps to do that. That is funny!!
    You live in a beautiful area. –Ann

  3. Honestly, where you live is like Paradise to me. The closeness of the water, the small peaceful downtown, kind of like a Maine fishing village. I cannot pick a favorite picture, they are all so lovely. I think on Monday evening, you had your very own Vespers.

  4. It is obvious that you are loving living in your ‘new’ place. It is beautiful, indeed.
    How sweet for your mother to gift you some flowers to commemorate your first dinner party!
    When we lived in Los Angeles, we would often walk into ‘another world’ like the LA subway becoming the NY or Boston subway or into the world of Spiderman.
    Enjoy your week ahead with walks and beach and flowers.

  5. Indeed, how can we not thank God and marvel at His creation. Beautiful area. I would love walking around there. How funny to have the street decorated to fall when it is smack in the middle of summer.

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