Erect against the garden wall they grow

The tallest flower of them all

Like grandmama’s they seem to know

The reasons why strange things are so.

Good morning Marblehead.

Coffee in hand I left the house Sunday morning and walked down to the town landing.

The fisherman load up their boats and the gulls called out to one another.

The warm sun was just up over the harbour and a cool breeze was blowing over the water.

Thursday night we walked up to Crocker park and saw the fireworks over the harbour. At noon, on Independence Day every bell in town rings out for about a half hour! It’s been 30 or so years since I’ve lived here and I had forgotten about that. All around town, from kitchen windows, from back gardens, from waterside parks folks stopped for a moment to listen to the bells ringing out in celebration for the day our country was founded. Wonderful!

The Good, the fun, the random

2 thoughts on “Hollyhocks

  1. The sun shining on the boats with the bird flying above is so evocative! You live in the most wonderful place!! I love everything you show and write about it. When I hear church bells ring, it is like a blessing. Though surprisingly some people don’t pay any attention to them. Gorgeous Hollyhock photo and poem. For some reason, Hollyhocks seem old fashioned to me. We have not seen any yet this year. Who’s blog is your link to? Your daughter maybe?

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