6 July

Setting up house

I’ve hung a watercolour painted by an old friend above the hearth. Later this afternoon we will hang up the mantle. There are geraniums in a window box just outside the back door. They are an old-fashioned and cheery greeting coming home from a walk to the harbour. On the Fourth there was a fisherman just around the corner, selling fresh lobsters from the back of his pick up truck.

We cooked them in a big pot on the grill in the back garden with friends and family.

When darkness began to fall we walked around the corner to the park and laid out our blankets to listen to the live music and watch the fireworks over the harbour.

The weekend finds me still unpacking. Setting up kitchen and bedrooms.

I love being able to walk to the market for a bottle of milk or the tiny restaurant for breakfast of a morning.

All the town was dressed up for Independence Day and we stopped to admire as we took a morning stroll.

I do hope you have enjoyed your holiday and are having a happy summer.

One thought on “6 July

  1. It looks just lovely, like out of a storybook…or maybe Mayberry. I like the tea set by the fireplace!

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