Goodbye beautiful tiny sort of an island

Goodbye old porch. I will miss putting my feet up on your balusters. I will miss your beautiful ocean breezes. I will miss your spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Goodbye dog beach…walks in the moonlight, walks in the gloaming, walks in the foggy other world.

Goodbye short beach…goodbye old coast guard station. I will miss the view of you from my windows. I will miss walking you at sunrise and sunset. I will miss hearing the waves of the Atlantic lap your rocky shore. I will miss watching the storm waves crashing against the cliffs of little Nahant. I will miss hearing the families walking home over the park after a day on your sandy beach.

Goodbye beautiful kitchen where we watched the softball games in the park across the way while we ate our dinner- where we worked to strip decades of old flooring to create a beautiful wooden floor from what was underneath- where we blew out birthday candles and welcomed new grandchildren, and congratulated new master’s degree holders, and said farewell to friends and family that passed away while we lived here.

Goodbye so many happy Christmas memories with family and friends. Goodbye Christmas tree lot in the parking lot and watching the island families coming to pick up their trees.

Friday fave fives

8 thoughts on “Goodbye beautiful tiny sort of an island

  1. hm….not sure how this fits in with FAVES but it looks like you are moving away from your apartment?? I’m assuming these are fave photos of your life there on the island. 🙂 Good luck in your new place!! Will you still be in the Boston area?

  2. This is so sad, it looks like you have left Paradise! I hope there will be just as many good memories and as much beauty in your new place. But this will be hard to beat. Your photos are gorgeous.

  3. Aw – I know you loved that place – the house and the location. I hope you’ll find many things to love in the new place as well.

  4. I imagine it is very difficult to leave such a gracious place.. full of love and memories! Hopefully, joy awaits right around the courner!

  5. What a beautiful place to live! I understand why you will miss it.
    I came across your blog via Laurie @ Meditations in Motion. I found her peace globe from November 2018 on my peace journey through the Blogosphere and something said, “Click over to THIS blog.” I always listen to the “somethings” you see….

    I saw your Peace Blogger badge on the blogspot blog – to my delight! Thank you for posting it and spreading a bit of peace in the world. This, too, counts as peace blogging. Welcome to our movement.

    You have a lovely spirit and such a talent for photography.
    Please join us Nov 4, 2019 for another Blog4Peace Day. We hope to see you there.

    Peace to you and yours,
    Mimii Lenox
    Founder, Blog4Peace

  6. Your goodbye to your home, to me, is filled with love, gratitude and peace. I am happy for you as you look forward to new adventures…what a fantastic attitude you have. Blessings to you!

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