The old desk in the corner

When we moved into this place 7 years ago our landlord was a crotchety, eccentric, very sickly old man. The woman on the first floor was his health proxy and when he passed away 3 years after we moved in she and her husband inherited the house. She asked me if I wanted this beautiful old table and I said yes. I used it as a desk and I fell in love with it. When we told her we were moving she said that she had only loaned me the desk and that I would have to leave it here when we left. It really wasn’t well done of her but I will leave it here when we move on Friday.

I have a different table in mind for a desk. It’s nowhere near as beautiful or elaborate but it is still quite nice. I am sitting at it now. It will take some getting used to. I have to find a comfortable chair. And, once we move I will have to personalize the area around it.

Nothing will quite compare with the beautiful old hand carved desk and the panoramic view of my old desk. However, given time, I’m sure I can make the new place feel like home.



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